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Fylkingen becomes an organ
“Organ – keyboard and wind instrument that produces sound by driving pressurized air through pipes.”

The 18:th of february, ”Organ” will be performed for the first time at Fylkingen, Stockholm. It is a piece created by theatre designer Johanna Mårtensson and musician/composer Ida Lundén. The stageroom of Fylkingen will be occupied by nine hanging organs, and each organ has its own sound, just like a pipe organ. Another organ will represent the electronic sound that will consist of recorded sounds from the nine organs. ”Organ” is a visual installation aswell as a musical piece, where the audience becomes the orchestra and a part of the visual and musical work.

-Organ is about a playful exploration that are made together with the audience says Johanna Mårtensson.
-To blow strongly or weekly, long or short tones is something everyone can do, so for those who want to, they can be a part of the orchestra. Together we create music in a non hierarchic way says Ida Lundén.

Ida and Johanna met at Cullbergbaletten/Riksteatern during their work for the dance piece ”Intergalactic Underwater Palace” that made 55 performances during 2015. They found that they have in common an interest and love for objects and unexpected materials, to lift up the seemingly ordinary to something larger.

Ida Lundén is a composer and musician, mostly in electronic and chamber music. Johanna Mårtensson works with theatre design and with her own exhibitions and art projects. Both are based in Stockholm. •

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