The 18th of March 2016 was the first performance of Orgel at Fylkingen, Stockholm.

Orgel is a visual installation and a musical piece, where the visitors are the orchestra and a part of the performance. It consists of nine hanging organs, each has its own sound, just like a pipe organ. It is about a playful exploration of materials and sounds that are made in a non hierarchic way together with the audience.

The visitors enter a quiet room with the nine hanging organs, they are invited to create the music by blowing in the pipes, or just watch and listen. Each organ has its own sound.

Orgel is also about allowing ourselves to be thinking abstract, surprising each other, exceeding our limits, simply trying out shapes and sounds out of everyday materials. A playground with the aim to create a musical and visual performance interacting with the audience.

Vice Magazine is paying attention to Orgel in this article.

Orgel won gold in A’ Design Award 2016.

Ida Lundén is a composer and musician, mostly in electronic and chamber music.

Johanna MÃ¥rtensson works with theatre design and with her own exhibitions and art projects.